Valentine’s Day in Venice

Well, okay let me start out by saying I technically didn’t go to Venice on Valentine’s Day; rather, I went to a Venice-esque place. Although, I was in a very romantic mood so I really felt like I was in Venice. Now that it’s all cleared up, I’m going to tell you all about my February 14th celebration.

My boyfriend and I always celebrate Valentine’s Day a weekend before the actual date, just because we don’t wanna go through the process of waiting in line for a table, or rushing to get to our reservation, or making our way to places in midst of the crowd. We just don’t want to go through that at all.

So last weekend, 11th of February, we celebrated Valentine’s Day in “Venice”. We found the most romantic place to celebrate in Mckinley Hill— Venice Grand Canal Mall. 

We arrived in Mckinley late morning (almost lunch time I think), and bought our gondola ride tickets. For a 20-minute ride, we paid a whopping PHP 1430. I thought this was quite expensive, but then again you’re paying for the experience, right? We were given two bottles of Raffa Sparkling Vino Blanco, and we were off on a beautiful white gondola with the sweetest gondolier  taking us around the entire stretch of the “Grand Canal”. (And, he took lots of photos too. Yay!)

It was honestly the best 20 minutes of my day, and I had such a lovely time. After the ride, I was given a long stemmed white rose as I was exiting.

It was a great experience, a bit over priced but amazing nonetheless. We were on such a high after our gondola ride, and honestly, quite hungry as well. My boyfriend and I went to Shangri-la at the Fort for lunch to conclude our Valentine’s Day celebration.

It seems like, for me at least, Valentine’s Day just keeps getting better and better each year, and I’m extremely excited for next year. Maybe i’ll actually be in Venice next time? (lol)

I hope your celebration was as amazing as mine was (or even better!). Let me know if you have some ideas on a cute way to spend V-day, and I’ll be sure to do consider those for next year!