Q&A About Love

It it officially the first of February; the beginning of love month, and only 13 days away from Valentine’s Day. I believe Valentine’s Day is being celebrated in different ways all over the world, but no matter how you celebrate this lovely occasion, it all comes down to one thing— love. Especially for couples, February 14th is a very special day since this is the day lovers come to enjoy and celebrate love.

I had an entire blog post dedicated to love— I talked about my thoughts and beliefs, you can actually read it here. But today, in preparation for Valentine’s I decided to answer some of the most frequently asked question on dating, love, and relationships based on my personal experience.

How important is communication? Do you talk out every little thing?

Communication, in any relationship, is key. If you want to have a successful, happy, and honest relationship then you need to talk about everything, both good and bad.

How can you tell the difference between a deal breaker and a small compromise to save the relationship? 

The only way to tell the difference is by knowing yourself completely first. Know your limitations, know when to say no or yes. Just know yourself first, and the rest will follow.

Did you always believe in being with one person forever? 

I always believed that there can be many “loves” in one lifetime, but you can only have one great love. Find that “one great love” and, of course, be with that ONE person forever.

Is it possible to be 100 percent honest all the time and not hurt the other person’s feelings?
It’s impossible never to hurt the other person’s feelings and be 100% honest all the time. There will always be times when you will hurt each other, but what matters is how you both handle the situation afterwards.

Do you have to spend ALL your time together?

Absolutely… not. Give each other space; engage in your own activities. You need to know how to be happy with them, and also without them.

Do you know you wanted to date them right away? Or was it a slow burn of falling in love? 

This is different for everyone— some people know they wanted to date the other person the moment they laid eyes on them, some just takes more time. In my case, I didn’t know right away. We started out as friends, and… it just happened.

Do you ever get tired of each other? What do you do?

You can’t stay on your honeymoon stage forever, and that’s a fact. But that is not a reason to “get tired of each other”. Find new ways to love your partner everyday, learn something new about them, go on adventures together, and the list goes on. There are a hundred ways to fall in love with your partner again and again for the rest of your life, only if you’re willing to.

Do you ever absolutely hate them during an argument?

Of course not. Arguments are there to settle your differences, and to challenge you both as a couple for the greater things ahead of you. Learn to isolate the situation from the person. Remember, bad choices doesn’t necessarily mean the other person is bad. Consider each argument as a challenge, and learn from it together.

How can you be sure your love for them will last forever?

When you know, you know. That’s all I can say.